Distance Education

Adaptive Release in Blackboard 8

Overview Adaptive release allows instructors and course designers to release course content based on rules that they create; in other words, you can control what content is made available to which students and under what conditions they are allowed to see it. Rules can be created for individuals or groups, based on criteria related to…

Creating Engagement throught Discussion Forums

“A free exchange of ideas, opinions, and feelings is the lifeblood of collaborative learning.” – J. McKinley Discussion forums can serve as a learning tool that fosters in-depth, academic discussion, an arena in which students work collaboratively or conduct peer analysis, or simply a place where they can virtually communicate with each other. Discussion forums…

Designing Multimedia Training Utilizing Learning Centered Teaching Practices

In all offerings the direction of the content for this course is defined by the instructor but the actual content is driven by student interests. Students are provided with a series of industries and guiding questions that they use as a basis for designing their own learning opportunities. In many cases the design of this course assisted the students in going above and beyond the course expectations.