Designing Events to Enhance Learning

Creating online activities and providing online resources provides an outlet for your creative juices. This is a time to let your imagination run wild as you think of challenging activities an meaningful resources for your students to engage in and explore while at the same time keeping in mind copyright and fair use restrictions.

It is essential to remember that we all learn differently; some of us are much more successful when presented with the written work while others of us excel when asked to explain our ideas in small groups. The activities and resources in your course need to represent a wide range of options for the diverse learners taking the course. The bottom line is: the more we design the core of our instruction around the needs of the learner; the more likely we are to design a course where our students are successful.

The following are two version of designing learning enhancements guidelines that I developed for a faculty in-service. The materials were created as an example of what could be done with Prezi and Storyline and has been posted as an on demand refresher module for faculty.

  • Storyline Version of the Designing Events to Enhance Learning (unit will open in a new window)