Teaching Checklist

Course Preparation

Have you...

  • Familiarize yourself with the course/learning management system and curriculum (if you are teaching pre-designed course)?
  • Made any necessary arrangements for face-to-face sessions?
  • Emailed students to confIrm their email addresses?
  • Entered your own details into the Faculty Information area?
  • Posted the syllabus and links to required plugins in the Course Description area?
  • Posted curriculum in the Course Materials area?
  • Added external resources to the Course Materials area?
  • Created the fIrst discussion forum?
  • Posted an orientation announcement?
  • Sent participants a welcome email announcing orientation?

Online Course Facilitation

Have you...

  • Reviewed the content of the upcoming session (should be done on a weekly basis)?
  • Emailed the announcement of each session to participants (recommend weekly emails)?
  • Created a discussion forum for each session?
  • Posted an announcement of each session?
  • Responded to discussion postings at least every other day?
  • Posted a summary of the previous week's discussion?
  • Sent a mid-session reminder to prompt participation (when necessary)?
  • Checked in with participants who have yet to post in the session discussion forum?
  • Posted participant materials or web sites of interest in the Discussion Forum, Announcements or Course Materials folder as necessary?

Course Closure Checklist

Have you...

  • Scheduled a follow-up session with students if necessary?
  • Emailed students to remind them to complete the course assessment?
  • Fulfilled all weekly facilitation responsibilities for the final Session?
  • Posted a congratulatory announcement?
  • Emailed notes of congratulations to participants?
  • Confirmed that you have each student's final product/exam if applicable?