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LimeWire to relaunch as web3 NFT


Apr 22, 2022

LimeWire was shut down in 2010 after a legal battle over copyright infringement allegations; the peer-to-peer platform has found a suitable reincarnation- its coming back as an NFT marketplace.

LimeWire, an “almost forgotten” name in the once top-of-the-food-chain file-sharing era of the early 2000s, has announced a comeback.

Popular in its heydays as a place to download music files and other entertainment items, LimeWire’s demise seemed assured with the explosion of major platforms such as Netflix and Spotify.

But an announcement from the platform says it’s set to re-launch this year around May. It will now be tailored towards digital collectibles. Specifically, LimeWire will offer an NFT marketplace where music and art lovers- fans and creators- can meet. Here, users will be able to easily mint, buy or trade music, art and other forms of entertainment as NFTs.

Making it easy even for those without crypto

To help its expected user base, LimeWire wants to offer an experience where Web2 and Web3 technology combine to allow even those not in crypto to get going.

As such, customers will not need access to a crypto wallet to load up their accounts or conduct a transaction. Instead, users can use their credit cards, bank accounts, and several other payment options available through payments firm Wyre.

Among digital collectibles, customers will fancy include limited edition music releases, pre-release songs, and unreleased demos? Also available will be graphical artwork, digital merchandise and behind-the-scene content. 

NFTs have been big across the globe since 2021, with billions of sales made and some very popular collectibles offered. NFT marketplaces have also boomed, and with forecasts of the industry growing even further, platforms like LimeWire might yet make a name for itself.

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