• Fri. Jan 27th, 2023

NFT Precautions and Metabuses


Jul 7, 2022

NFT has only ownership and has nothing to do with copyright. NFT is only a kind of certificate of ownership, and the copyright itself belongs to the original owner. It is in line with the fact that having a building’s registration right does not even give you a copyright on the construction method of the building.

On top of that, the NFT itself, which goes through encryption through the blockchain, cannot be damaged or deteriorated, but it is technically wrong to completely block hacking or replication through the NFT because the original data is likely to be hacked and forged.

NFTs with these unique properties are used in various fields. In particular, the presence of NFT, which expresses people’s desires digitally thanks to the attraction of owning only one officially certified digital file among nearly infinite digital files, is becoming a medium that satisfies both the public’s desire to own and boast.

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