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Popstore wins 2022 Top Publisher Awards


Jul 9, 2022

Popstore wins 2022 Top Publisher Awards

Popstore announced on the 13th that it ranked fourth in terms of domestic publishers at the “2022 Top Publisher Awards (TPA 2022).”

Data.ai (formerly App Annie), a mobile app market analyst, selects TPA every year. Add up Google Play and Apple App Store

It selects and announces the top 52 mobile app publishers based on global mobile market sales.

Popstore ranked fourth as a domestic publisher and 51st as a global publisher in TPA 2022. It was selected for the second consecutive year following 52nd place as a global publisher last year.

In addition, major domestic game companies such as Netmarble, NCsoft, and Kakao were selected and matched.

Popstore is a global game company that focuses on social casino games such as s-gaming.

Through the acquisition of Double-Down Interactive (NASDAQ DDI, CEO Kim In-keuk) in 2017, it added a double-down casino(바카라사이트) to the service lineup

It has made rapid growth as a top tier in the social casino industry. Popstore is recently trying to secure growth momentum based on its business diversification strategy and new games such as s-gaming 2.0.

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