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Ethereum mainnet, 10th shadow fork complete


Jul 28, 2022

Ethereum (ETH) Mainnet Shadow Fork 10 was held at 11:45 on the 26th (based on UTC). It was 26 hours earlier than scheduled.

According to Coindesk on the 28th (local time), Ethereum engineer Parithosh Jayanthi said, “This is not the last mainnet shadow fork. We will continue until the merger is completed, he said. “No significant defects have been found in this shadow fork.”

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A shadow fork refers to a fork for performing a simulated stress test in an existing network environment state.

The Ethereum Foundation announced on its official blog that “the merger of Ethereum Testnet Goli and Prater will take place in two stages from August 4, and the name will remain Goli after the merger.”

As the first step, Prater Beacon Chain will upgrade Bellatrix at 21:24 (Korea Standard Time) on August 4. As a second step, Goli, the execution layer, will perform a Paris upgrade that converts the proof of work (PoW) to proof of equity (PoS) when it reaches the TTD (final difficulty, difficulty 10,790,000) between August 6 and 12.

Under normal network conditions, it is expected that a block will be created after 2 forks or about 13 minutes after TTD is reached, and when the beacon chain completes the block, the merge is considered completed. In response, Ethereum developer Tim Beiko said, “If you are a node or a verifier, it is the last chance to experience all the merger processes before the mainnet.”

However, Michael Saylor, CEO of Micro Strategy, attended the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Conference and pointed out that he has doubts about Ethereum’s soundness in terms of technology development and ethics.

According to Coindesk, he “has to wait until the Ethereum protocol is complete. Recently, through a speech by the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin, he suggested a three to four-year roadmap, saying that Ethereum was 40% completed. This means that the protocol will not be completed in the next 35 months, and it will not be stabilized.”

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