• Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Coinone ‘took’ a strategy to dualize customer service


Aug 2, 2022

Investor protection is the basic knowledge and core of the virtual asset exchange. We will further advance the work of the user protection center and provide the most leading customer service to establish an environment where investors can trade safely.” (Jang Seok-won, head of the Coinone User Protection Center)

#New connections permeate the world. Coinone, which is leading the domestic virtual asset and blockchain market emphasizing its vision, has met customer needs by recording an average of 91 points in a customer satisfaction survey since the establishment of a user protection center in the first half of this year.

Coinone, which establishes a user protection center for investor protection and operates by dualizing customer service and user protection departments, is accelerating its efforts to provide customers quickly and efficiently, as well as strengthening user protection expertise such as financial accidents, investigations, and response to public institutions.

Coinone Customer Center is responding to customer complaints 24/7 through four online and offline channels. On top of that, in the case of online chat counseling, the request time for application was reduced to around two minutes through a simple reception system, and the response rate within the day was 100%.

In particular, the callback service, which was newly introduced in May, is also receiving enthusiastic response. During the time when telephone counseling is concentrated, 100% of the customers who could not connect to the call were conducted on the same day, recording an average of 91 points in the first half of the customer satisfaction survey.

The department in charge of user protection introduced a response system for receiving reports at night earlier this year. This is to eliminate the gap in response as prompt response is more important than anything else in the event of an accident. Above all, it is taking precautions with financial institutions by continuously analyzing related patterns in the face of evolving financial accidents.

Meanwhile, Coinone regularly produces data to raise investor protection awareness and provides user protection education for executives and employees.

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