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Clayton-based P2E and NFT services


Aug 3, 2022

KLAYDICE, which provides Clayton-based P2E and NFT services, announced on the 3rd that it will simultaneously list DICE tokens on the global exchange Bybit and MEXC at 19:00 on August 4.

In commemoration of the listing of DICE tokens, Bybit, one of the top three global futures exchanges, is holding an event to pay a total of 150,000 tethers, while MEXC is holding an M-Day event to pay DICE tokens to users with high transaction prices.

Claydice is a project that connects various rapidly growing virtual worlds (game, SNS, metaverse, etc.) to one world using KLAYDICE’s NFT, and has been beta-testing “Dicast Gold,” a P2E version of “Dicast Chaos Law” with 1 million downloads and 900,000 users since June.

In addition, it plans to launch various P2E games such as Tankroyal, HeroDash, and Jewel Island, and establish its own NFT market to activate “DICE” Coin, the key currency of the KLAYDICE ecosystem.

Claydice sold out the limited edition NFT at the start of sales at the Binance NFT Market, a global leading exchange, and began to draw attention as the price rose more than 20 times compared to the sale.

It’s a claim other than thisIS has completed attracting investment from more than 20 global VCs, including Crust, OKX Blockdream Ventures, GBV, Bestigeum, Chain Capital, Hangang Ventures, and Alphanons, and continues to disclose partnerships with various global projects.

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