• Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

strategic investment in the next-generation


Aug 6, 2022

Wemade (CEO Jang Hyun-guk) said it has made a strategic investment in the next-generation M2E (Move to Earn) project Snickers (SNKRZ), which can receive coins as compensation for the movement.

Sneakers adds the concept of LAND linked to reality maps to existing M2E business models that allow users to purchase sneakers NFTs and give coin rewards if they exercise, and use the rewards they receive for NFT repair or level-up.

It is said that it pursues a sustainable business model by generating profits through marketing activities of companies.

Sneakers’ NFT is showing good results by topping sales in the Clayton chain category over the past 30 days at Open Sea, the world’s largest NFT exchange.

Wemade is investing in blockchain companies and projects in all directions. It is said that it has received attention by successfully investing in TAVA Coin of Altaba, a luxury fashion metaverse, and FanC Coin of Cerebi, the first shortform platform in Korea.

Wemade is actively investing in utilities, that is, blockchain projects that have practical use, and is gaining good investment results. The investment in sneakers is also said to have taken into account both the expansion of the WeMix ecosystem and good results.

Sneakers has already secured 100,000 communities and is growing to the largest scale among NFT projects started in Korea, as well as a global project with more than 70% of overseas users such as Japan.

WeMade will cooperate to further accelerate the global expansion of Sneakers.

In addition, Sneakers is the world’s first M2E service to be linked to Apple Watch, and includes users who are not familiar with the blockchain through open mode that supports running and bicycle modes together and can participate in exercise without NFT.

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