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next generation of multi-access role-playing games


Aug 8, 2022

Dragonfly and the next generation of multi-access role-playing games (MMORPG) specialized start-up entities meet to strengthen technology exchange and cooperation.

Dragonfly signed a game development and technology exchange agreement (MOU) with Entrance on Thursday.

Under the agreement, the two companies will cooperate in game development and exchange technology, including SNG (Social Network Game) and SCG (Social Casino Game), as well as game genres such as FPS and MMORPG, which are specialized fields.

Founded in 1990, Dragonfly developed the world’s first online-based FPS game ‘Karma Online’ in 2002, and popularized FPS games in Korea with ‘Special Force’. Currently, it exports special forces to more than 30 countries and has more than 100 million members worldwide.

Entrance, launched in 2019, is a start-up that directly develops and serves DK Mobile: Return of Heroes, a mobile version of DK Online, a long-term game that has been in service for more than a decade. The game was ranked fifth in sales with the launch of Google Play.

The development of DK Mobile: The Origin, the second series game that will continue to be popular in the previous work, has been completed and pre-booked prior to the release of the game.

“We are expecting to sign an MOU with Dragonfly, which has abundant experience from PC online games to mobile games and VR games,” said Kim Byung-soo, CEO of Entrance. “We will try to maximize synergy by opening up all possibilities to strengthen development power through active technology exchanges.” .

“Entrance is a company that efficiently develops and services high-quality MMORPGs based on solid development power,” said Won Myung-soo, CEO of Dragonfly. “We will work with Entrance to diversify the game genre that can internalize and develop new technologies.” .

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