• Fri. Sep 23rd, 2022

Shinhan Square Investment Association


Sep 8, 2022

Shinhan Financial Group announced on the 7th that it has created the “Shinhan Square Bridge ESG Investment Association No. 1″ fund to discover and foster startups. It is worth 33 billion won in total.

Shinhan Square Bridge ESG Investment Association No. 1 was created for the purpose of supporting early startup growth selected by Shinhan Square Bridge, Shinhan’s startup development platform. It was invested by Shinhan Financial Group and will be operated by Shinhan Venture Investment (GP).

Shinhan Financial Group will continue to link its initial investment and follow-up investments tailored to the characteristics and growth stages of startups through the fund created this time. Through this, the purpose is to further accelerate the establishment of investment processes and fostering unicorns according to the entire cycle of startups.

It mainly invests in early start-ups in the field of ICT services and digital healthcare. It will selectively invest in companies that meet ESG evaluation standards.

Shinhan Financial Group Chairman Cho Yong-byeong said, “We have created this fund to support promising startups suffering from lack of funds in the early stages of the project,” adding, “Shinhan Financial Group will continue to expand the domestic venture ecosystem and foster K-Unicorn after the fund is created.”

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