• Sat. Mar 11th, 2023

Haru Invest, a virtual asset management platform


Sep 11, 2022

Haru Invest, a virtual asset (virtual currency, cryptocurrency) management platform company, is expanding its business by receiving strategic investments.

According to industries on the 11th, Haru Invest raised $4 million (about 5.5 billion won) through a strategic investment round.

The investment round was led by Chun Yang-hyun, the founder of Kokone, and Haru Invest was recognized for its value of $284 million (about 390 billion won) through this investment round.

Haru Invest is a CeFi (CeFi, decentralized finance) digital asset investment platform that builds a bridge between distributed crypto investment services and existing financial systems as a subsidiary of Block Crafts.

Since its establishment in 2019, more than 140 countries have handled more than $2 billion in transactions and paid more than 4 million times in profits.

Haru Invest’s earnings payments have increased 550% over the past year, with trading volume increasing 433%, total users increasing 319, and investment deposits increasing 451 percent.

Haru Invest plans to invest the funds secured this time to expand its global business, such as securing additional talent and licensing.

An official from Haru Invest said, “Since the operation began three years ago, Haru Invest has focused on building and maintaining trust with users,” adding, “Regardless of market conditions, we have created high returns through independent algorithm trading.” “We will continue to provide the safest and most comfortable crypto investment experience.”

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