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Naver D2SF’s Campus Technology Start-up Contest


Sep 16, 2022

Naver D2SF’s Campus Technology Start-up Contest is a program aimed at discovering a potential student start-up team in the early stages to help growth and provide opportunities for investment and cooperation. Since 2016, it has been regularly conducted every semester and has established itself as a representative growth program for promising student technology start-ups.

Any college (graduate) student start-up team with a problem-solving plan using technology can apply for the campus technology start-up contest. In particular, it can be supported regardless of whether a corporation is established or the stage of technology development, which is a rare opportunity for technology startups that need a long time to prove their value in the market to explore their growth potential in the early stages.

Naver D2SF will provide incubation programs to finally selected teams for three months. First, it provides funds, cloud infrastructure, and Gangnam residential space so that you can immerse yourself in technology development. In order to grow technology, Naver’s technology know-how will be actively transferred by providing opportunities such as feedback from Naver’s technology leaders and moving-in space in Naver’s office. In addition, it plans to link investment and cooperation opportunities through Naver D2SF business mentoring and technology startup networks so that the student start-up team can grow into a technology startup.

Until now, Naver D2SF has led the growth of the student start-up team through the campus technology start-up contest. So far, 22 of the 49 teams selected have succeeded in establishing corporations and attracting investment, and are growing solidly. In particular, Flask, which developed mobility startup Mobile Tech and AI animation automation solution, is a representative example that led to Naver D2SF’s investment after incubation. Vidodu, which developed video AI technology, was acquired by Naver Webtoon after Naver D2SF technology start-up competition and investment.

CEO Lee Joon-ho of Flask, who attracted investment from Naver D2SF in July of the same year after incubation in the first half of 2020, said, “If you are a student team preparing for a technology start-up, I think the Naver D2SF technology start-up contest is the best growth step.”

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