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domestic startup investments falling


Sep 16, 2022

Following July, the “investment cold wave” continued in August, with domestic startup investments falling short of KRW 1 trillion.

According to the Startup Alliance, a startup public-private cooperation network, on the 16th, the number of domestic startup investments was 151 and the investment amount was 862.8 billion won last month. Compared to the same period last year, the number of investments

Although it increased by 10 cases (7.1%), the investment plunged by about 204 billion won (19.1%). Even though the number of investments has increased, the fact that the investment has decreased significantly

This is due to the impact of investment of more than 1 billion won falling from 53 to 35 and investment of more than 10 billion won from 19 to 11. However, the number of investments and the amount of investment increased by 16 cases (11.9%) and 25.9 billion won (3.1%), respectively, compared to last July.

In the aftermath of economic uncertainties such as global interest rate hikes and prolonged Russia-Ukraine crisis, “money-losing” startups are being driven to exist one after another. Today’s Table, the operator of today’s seafood delivery service “Today,” which recently has 750,000 members, failed to pay 4 billion won worth of money to more than 300 suppliers.

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