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partnership with web3 platform


Sep 21, 2022

Ojis, a blockchain technology company, announced on the 21st that it has signed a partnership with ITSBLOC, a web3 gaming platform.

Through this partnership, the two companies decided to cooperate for the growth of the Web3 ecosystem based on cross-chain technology and content.

It Block is a global web3 play-eNjoy-Earn (PNE) game platform based on the polygon chain. The third series of ‘DK Mobile’, which will be released in October, will be installed as the first web3 game.

DK Mobile is an MMORPG that attracted great popularity, with its first season’s “Return of Heroes” ranked fifth in Google Play sales and its second season’s “The Origin” topping the popular chart for about two weeks.

By signing a partnership, It’s Block formed a liquidity pool of its key currency ITS Block (ITSB) on the Polygon-based Automatic Market Making Decentralized Exchange (AMM-DEX) mesh swap, which is OZ’s flagship protocol. MeshSwap will support the activation and growth of ITSB’s stable on-chain transaction in the polygon ecosystem.

CEO Choi Jin-han Ojis said, “The Ojis ecosystem has been combined with richer content through a partnership with the next-generation Web3 gaming platform Itzblock,” adding, “We will support the Itzblock team’s gameability as well as web3 trading service elements and drive the growth of the ecosystem.”

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