• Sat. Mar 11th, 2023

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Sep 23, 2022

INX Digital Company has launched “INX One,” a platform that can trade various cryptocurrencies with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)-approved “securities token,” CoinDesk reported on the 23rd (local time).

It is available to both individuals and institutional investors and also provides a “securities-type token disclosure (STO)” service that raises funds through token issuance.

INX said, “We focused on developing a platform that allows individuals and institutional investors to easily use cryptocurrency and STO.”

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INX will lead the era of digital asset investment for the issuance and distribution markets by combining securities-type token exchanges, cryptocurrency exchanges, and token issuance services, said INX CEO Shai Datika. “We will provide benefits to all users, not part of the selection.”

INX Digital Company is the company that conducted the first ‘SEC approved STO’ in 2020. In the eight months to March last year, it raised $85 million from more than 7200 investors through Ethereum-based own token INX.

Regulatory supervision and transparency are key elements of platform and industry success, the company said. “We will not list speculative tokens.”

Companies are reinforcing their expertise by recruiting a large number of experts from traditional finance and fintech.

Last year, he appointed Renata Suzukoda of Galaxy Digital as chief financial officer (CFO). David Wild, former vice chairman of NASDAQ, and Thomas Lewis, former CEO of TD Ameritrade, are also participating as directors.

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