• Sat. Mar 11th, 2023

growth speed of Metabus


Sep 27, 2022

The growth speed of Metabus 2, operated by The Future Company, and customer-centered communication are paying off with successful investment attraction, which is expected to act as a new vitality to the sluggish Metabus market and have a great impact on other projects in Korea.

Recently, Metabus 2 announced a series of investment attractions from Chain Capital and West Labs. The two are global investment companies that can be called the two major mountains in the blockchain investment market, and they are also called the original Buffett of the blockchain market and require high-level screening procedures and operating requirements.

Industry experts say that the investment of such investment companies is taking it as a green light for the blockchain market, which has been on the decline, while at the same time leading to changes in existing projects.

Kim In-seop, a project manager, said, “Most of the investments in Metabus, including blockchain, have been centered on general users. In this case, there were limitations such as transparency of the project and lack of information, which could lead to investment losses. However, large VCs carry out difficult screening and project operations with transparency and rationality as collateral. In the end, their investment is based on the reliability of the project,” he said, highly evaluating this achievement.

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