• Sat. Mar 11th, 2023

IT talent training startup


Sep 27, 2022

CodeStates, an IT talent training startup, announced on the 27th that it has been selected for the Clayton platform KIR (Klaytn Improvement Reserve) program.

KIR is a reward system that supports KLAY (Clay) to individuals, organizations, and companies that carry out projects that contribute to the development of the Clayton ecosystem.

Through this project, CodeStates said it will draw 800 end-users’ participation in education, and aims to produce more than 200 business developers and 140 blockchain engineers.

To this end, CodeStates plans to provide free open-source lectures such as development and distribution of irreplaceable tokens (NFTs) online and understanding of Depi (DeFi, decentralized finance) over a total of eight times every two weeks. CodeStates will also operate additional offline in-depth education courses for students who have completed all the tasks assigned in the lecture and completed the certification process.

Kim In-ki, CEO of CodeStates, said, “The selection of this program has contributed to the spread of the Clayton ecosystem,” adding, “We can provide new learning opportunities for those who want to be reborn as blockchain experts.”

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