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Pablo Air will take the lead in popularizing


Oct 22, 2022

Pablo Air will take the lead in popularizing “address-based drone delivery service” through address-based drone delivery verification.

Pablo Airlines, along with the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, some local governments, and drone companies, conducted interim verification of address-based drone delivery and efficiency at Pablo Air’s drone delivery center (based in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do).

Address-based drone delivery service refers to a service that delivers drones to an optimized location for landing, not a general road name address. Address-based drone delivery points are drone delivery points that can be used in common by many companies, and are essential infrastructure for fast and safe drone delivery services. To this end, the government and the private sector plan to cooperate to establish address-based drone delivery points to reduce social costs and open an era of drone delivery industries.

Pablo Air has set up drone delivery stores at about 20 pensions near convenience stores in Gapyeong County to commercialize address-based drone delivery services, and has been conducting government demonstration projects since July 13th by launching drone delivery services through the app “Oliverie.”

At the demonstration, five demonstrations were presented. Compared to vehicle delivery, the distance traveled by drone was reduced by 69% (52km → 15.7km) and the travel time was reduced by 70% (89 minutes → 26 minutes). Through this, it was confirmed that address-based drone delivery is a logistics delivery plan that exceeds the inconvenience and limitations of delivery in mountainous areas.

Jeong Deok-woo, director of Pablo Air’s business, said, “If drone delivery stores are spread nationwide as soon as possible, they will play a big role as an efficient industrial infrastructure and save common costs for companies. Through communication and cooperation between the government and companies, we will advance the era of drone delivery.

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