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Google Brain to open the era of deep learning


Oct 28, 2022

As quality data accumulates, the results of artificial intelligence (AI) development improve. Andrew Ng, a world-renowned scholar in the AI field who led Google Brain to open the era of deep learning, announced that the time has come to pay more attention to data by throwing the topic of “from model to data-oriented AI.”

The demonstration lab (development space), which Jeju Island opened in the Jeju Techno Park Digital Convergence Center on the 27th, is a space with the best conditions for suppliers to safely learn artificial intelligence solutions. Ten artificial intelligence solutions based on demand from eight companies will be developed here. After the project, it will be used as a space for alliances and consortiums of local companies. With a total area of 150.03m( (about 45 pyeong), an artificial intelligence development space, a server room, and a conference room were created.

The reason why a demonstration lab is needed is because of security and efficiency. In order to use data that is difficult to disclose due to corporate secrets as a deep learning resource for artificial intelligence, it is essential to establish security facilities and computer equipment. Demand companies with data and suppliers with developmental power show greater efficiency in a common space. The overall flow is that in the space of the demonstration lab, suppliers learn data from local specialized industries and develop AI solutions, and then apply them to demand companies and manage growth.

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