• Sat. Mar 11th, 2023

Pingtaps signs strategic partnership with IOTRUST


Dec 6, 2022

Pingtaps signs strategic partnership with IOTRUST

Pingtaps, which provides NFT-only wallet “Favorlet,” announced on the 5th that it will sign a strategic partnership with IOTrust and conduct technical cooperation with IOTrust’s blockchain wallet “Dicent.”

IOTRUST is a blockchain wallet development company. It provides digital asset storage and management services for 1.5 million users in more than 200 countries.

Last month, within an hour, it launched the corporate web 3.0 wallet “Wipin” that can be linked to corporate web pages. Wipin can simply subscribe to a wallet through social login and store and manage digital or virtual assets such as NFT.

Through this partnership, Pingtaps will conduct technical cooperation between Favourite and Decent.

The two companies decided to review cooperation measures that can be pursued through the linkage of Decent and to expand the base of NFT Wallet in all directions.

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